Paradise Papers, Harvey Weinstein, Donna Brazile’s “Patriot”, what do they all have in common?

Leaked documents referred to as the Paradise Papers contain a trove of information highlighting trillions of dollars being held in offshore “tax haven” accounts by the worlds most rich and powerful people and businesses.From Apple Inc to Queen Elizabeth, the documents expose the rich and powerful for maintaining extremely large sums of money that do not require taxation.

Sexual harassment and rape claims against Harvey Weinstein have opened the flood gates for victims to finally speak out and talk openly about the rampant abuse in the film industry. Accusations are not only being brought against rich and powerful people in the film industry, but also business executives and politicians as prestigious as the president of the United States.

Donna Brazile’s “Patriot” tells of how Hillary Clinton used her money and power to rob the american people of a fair 2016 democratic presidential primary process.

What do all three of these stories have in common? The system is such that the rich and powerful don’t have to abide by the same rules of law that govern us ordinary citizens…

Millionaires don’t pay taxes yet the IRS comes after the working man for seemingly chump change. The government cuts funding for public social programs rather than going after trillions in taxes owed to it by the wealthy. Politicians can literally rob the people of the democratic process and suffer no criminal consequences. Big companies can sell and grow marijuana legally while the working man obtains a criminal record for being caught with a personal bag. Big pharmaceutical companies can mass distribute¬†Opioids, making massive profits, yet the local drug dealer risks a life in jail for distributing the same pills.

WAKE UP PEOPLE! We have thousands locked away for what seem like petty crimes in comparison…

Make your voice heard, unite for a cause, unite as one and bring about change!

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