SoundCloud Rap Era

Gone are the days of mailing a mixtape to record labels, holding demos, and selling mixtapes out the trunk. This is the sound cloud era of rap.

The platform gives the world exposure to anyone that wants to make music. No record label necessary. All you need is a computer with producing software, a microphone, and an internet connection.

This unlimited exposure by no means makes it easy to “make” it, but it does however remove barriers that previously would have kept the likes of Nav, XXXTentacion, Trippie Redd, Tekashi69, Lil Pump and Bryson Tiller from being known to the world…

With unrelenting hard work and this guide to sound cloud artistry, you just might be the next to make it as a sound cloud artist and then progressing to mainstream.

Guide to becoming a successful SoundCloud Rapper:

  1. Make unique music – Try mixing genres and never use a recycled flow.
  2. Make unique videos – Make simple snippets that appeal to your genre that are entertaining.
  3. Make your appearance unique; i.e. Rainbow Hair, Face Tattoos, etc.
  4. Get active in the sound cloud community

If you master these four rules, you just might be the next Sound Cloud superstar…


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