Rapper Meek Mill Headed Back To Jail

Rapper Meek Mill was sentenced to a minimum of two years in state prison for probation violation.  Meek who had previously been embroiled in a rap beef with rapper Drake over ghostwriting accusations had decided to turn his life around stating in a interview with radio station Hot 97 that he was a changed man.

Mill after turning thirty, decided that it was time to ‘man up’ and the rapper claims that he quit using drugs, mainly ‘lean’, and had been sober for quite some time.  Mill originally violated his probation by taking part in a fight at a St. Louis airport, some time after that the rapper again violated his probation after getting caught driving a dirt bike in New York City.  The Judge in his case decided that she was tired of the rappers’ shenanigans and decided to send the emcee to state prison for a minimum of two years.

But the case gets stranger as Mill’s attorney states that the judge presiding over the case is ‘enamored’ with the young rapper, even suggesting that he leave his label ‘Roc Nation’ and sign a record deal with a ‘friend’ of hers.  Mill’s attorney plans on appealing the sentence, we’ll learn more as the story unfolds.

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