How to make Haters work for you…

In the world of entertainment there’s a popular belief that the more success you achieve, the more haters you receive… Is it possible that this can be reversed so that the more haters you receive, the more success you achieve? I think so and all the evidence seems to prove it.

Some of the most successful entertainers to emerge online seem to have adopted this new found technique to reach success. Pursue a passion with lazer focus and tunnel vision, let people hate on you and troll without regard, the traffic creates a buzz that get’s your name out, and then you ride the wave to success…

To be clear, there’s a couple different ways to transmute this hate energy into success but one is far superior for long term sustainability…

The first and least effective method is to actually make people hate you. This could be simply because you’re a piece of sh%$ or just an asshole that rubs people the wrong way. This method may garnish success at first but is likely only a temporary solution. It will catch up to you with unintended consequences in the long run.

The second and most successful and powerful method to transmute hate energy into success is to simply do you and let the haters hate… People will love to hate you if you’re different, you have your own unique swag, and if you don’t give two F*%$# what they  have to say. This drives them wild… Next thing you know they’re going out of their way to consume everything you have to offer; live shows, videos, social media, word of mouth. Using this method you have essentially created unconscious slaves, as they are working hard for you without pay and without even knowing it.

So in summary, be you and let the haters hate!


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