Well folks looks like we have a viral hit on our hands. The song titled “Hate Me” features up and coming rappers Aqsa and Xeno Carr hailing from Atlanta.

The song has some rather intriguing visuals and the video features Aqsa rapping about juuging and finessing her male companion portrayed by Xeno. Aqsa delivers the hook ‘why do they all hate me’ in what to me is a very catchy and interesting song.

The visual is nothing short of amazing as we see this young rapper rocking a Hijab while simultaneously smoking on a backwood. I respect the audacity! Catchy song and a visual we’re sure remember. Not everyone can pull off the whole smoking, while talking real shit and rocking a Hijab style, but she does her thing.

Aqsa definitely possesses the ingredients of a future star. She got the looks, the verse and even the hooks. She’s got the juice so let’s see how far she can take it. Let’s see what else the duo can cook up.

“Hate Me” is sure to attract a lot of attention and I look forward to hearing more.


Also peep their Youtube page for more interesting content, they’re an interesting duo.

Update: Check out new joint from iLOVEFRiDAY “Travel Ban”

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