Rapper Nav, who recently inked a deal with fellow Canadian singer and collaborator The Weeknd, has just released a new banger with Lil Uzi Vert called “Wanted You”.  Lil Uzi and Nav make a pretty good team, as throughout the song both rappers feed off each other to show how new found fame can lead to attention from females that are only looking for a come-up.  The beat is solid and you can tell there was ample time spent on production of the new track.

Nav, who is known for beat making, has worked with fellow Canadian Drake on his Meek Mill diss “Back to Back.” After producing some major songs, he began rapping to his own beats and the rest is history.

Nav raps and sings about such topics as dealing with personal pain, drug abuse, previous girlfriends, and the come up.

Most of his music has a somewhat melancholy sound to it making it the perfect music to zone out to. A recurring theme throughout his music is the use of various drugs with melodies that appear to target those that are into experimenting.

The rapper is known for his  introspective songs, just like his XO records label mate, The Weeknd. Much of the rappers personal history is still a mystery which only adds to the allure.


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