The Terry Crews Stigma

Lately there has been a slew of accusations against some of the most important figures in Hollywood. From Harvey Weinstein to Charlie Sheen, prolific figures have been coming forward with accusations of sexual assault. It seems we’ve mostly been hearing stories from the female perspective with numerous tales of the infamous ‘casting couch’ running a muck in Hollywood but recently actor and former NFL linebacker Terry Crews has come forward with accusations of being groped by an industry executive.

Crews is shedding light on the often ignored sexual misconduct committed against male entertainers throughout Hollywood.  Female actors have been somewhat fairly open about their encounters with sexual predators, but it was Crews’ that brought attention to the fact that males deal with sexual assault also.

Crews, who by most accounts is considered the archetype of male masculinity is a living example that it’s not just young attractive females that have had to deal with sexual misconduct in the entertainment industry, it can also be an unsuspecting male contradicting the ever popular damsel in distress stereotype…

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