Kyrie Irving goes Vegan

It’s no secret that Kyrie Irving, and his Boston Celtics, are hot right now with the best record in the league. On the heels of a historic comeback against the Golden State Warriors, the returning champions, the Boston Celtics are now 14-2. Their success is a direct result of the greatest point guard in the game, Kyrie Irving. Aside from hard work and dedication to the game, what’s his secret? Veganism. He’s gone Vegan and many around the NBA are creating newfound clout around the Vegan plant-based diet.

Selected 1st overall pick by the Cleveland Cavaliers in the ’11-’12 season, Kyrie Irving quickly became a franchise superstar appearing in his first all-star appearance in only his sophomore NBA season. In 2014, Lebron returns to Cleveland and the big three (Kyrie, Lebron, Love) would go on to lead the Cavs the following year to be 2015 NBA Champions. However, following multiple appearances in the Finals, Kyrie Irving made headlines this NBA Off-season (’17-’18) with an unexpected trade request from Lebron James’ Cleveland Cavaliers.

Let’s face it, the Cleveland Cavaliers had decided to invest all resources into building a powerhouse team around Lebron James. Lebron is king and became central to the Cleveland Cavaliers universe upon his return. While the skills, strength, and versatility of Lebron James make him the greatest to ever play the game, there’s no question that Kyrie may have the greatest handles of all time.

Partially to blame the Cleveland-Lebron culture and partly to blame Lebrons role of a strict father figure to his younger teammates, Uncle Drew, Kryie’s alter ego, shocked the world requesting a trade from the Eastern Conference champs.

Kyrie is now proving that he’s his own man, proving to the nay sayers and haters that he is not just a shadow of Lebron James but elitest among the NBA demigods. Irving definitely deserves a franchise built around his leadership and style of play.

The Vegan diet, long revered throughout times as the most pure of diets, may just be the extra sauce to power-up Kyrie, and the Celtics, to an NBA championship!


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