Why do we care about Drake’s ghostwriting rumors?

Why do we care so much about accusations that rapper Drake used or has used a ghostwriter.  Seems like the Hip Hop community forgets that some of our favorite rappers have used and continue to use ghostwriters.

From Jay Z to Ghostface Killah, the majority of our most well respected emcees have used ghostwriters.  Most of these rappers have gone on to say that they’ve used ghost writers on some of their most prolific works.  So why is Drake the only one being called out?

Since ‘The Weeknd’ admitted that he gave Drake some of his most popular songs for Drake’s album ‘Take Care’, Drake has not been able to escape the negative stigma. Meek Mill exposed Drake for using Quentin Miller to write some of his most popular hits on ‘If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late.”

Members of his own camp haven’t helped the case either. Majid Jordan, a duo hailing from Toronto, who are also signed to Drake’s OVO label admitted that they were kept in a recording studio sleeping in tents just to pump out hits for Drake.

Every popular rapper has similar stories of using ghostwriters or collaborators for their projects, and we don’t look at them as any less talented.  People seem to think that somehow using a ghostwriter or collaborating with another artist negates the fact that Drake has still maintained an incredibly impressive catalog.  He continues to put out smash hits that people enjoy, so I’m confused as to what the real problem is.


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