Hopsin has No Shame in bringing lyricism back to rap

No disrespect to modern rap, god knows I enjoy the new SoundCloud rap era, but for anyone looking for real lyricism in the age of “mumble rap”, look no further than Hopsin…

Hopsin just dropped his latest lp ‘No Shame’ and immediately kicks off the album with an entertaining play on words that has listeners hanging onto every sentence as his stories unfold. His first track titled ‘Hotel in Sydney’ is a script straight out of the Maury Povich show. Hopsin tells the story of his alleged to-be-baby-mama calling the cops on him for abuse after she’s caught boning her personal trainer and gets exposed for stripping on the side, all while pregnant mind you.

Ringing a bell?

The combination of lyricism and fun graphic imagery immediately takes me back to the Slim Shady LP and the original Eminem weirdo storybook flow. Hopsin shows an uncanny versatility in merging playful, hateful, softcore, and hardcore real issues into his album ‘No Shame’.

Whether it’s the Nastalgia of the slim shady flow that’s created or the temporary escape from reality that ‘No Shame’ provides, I can’t get enough of Hopsin…

Hopsin – No Shame @ Spotify

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