Majid Jordan fills The Space Between T-Pain and 90’s R&B

Most commonly known for producing and collaborating with Drake’s 2013 hit ‘Hold on, we’re going home’, Majid Jordan brings an R&B fusion of 90’s flavor with a modern flow of riding the beat… Somewhere in between Sade and Babyface harmonics with head bopping Michael Jackson pop beats, the new album titled ‘The Space Between’ fills just that.

Majid Jordan’s signature sound shines through in ‘The Space Between’.

The duo, which signed to OVO sounds way back in August of 2013, has been steady crafting their signature flow. ‘A Place Like This’ in 2014, ‘Majid Jordan’ in 2016, and most recently ‘The Space Between’, have each increased the bar.

I’ve been rocking with them from the beginning but I definitely feel like ‘The Space Between’ will dawn their national stardom.

Let me know what you think.

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