Police brutality evidence to be destroyed forever

This month congress will vote on a bill to end net neutrality. We’ve come to far to step back into the dark ages. We cannot let this happen!

What is net neutrality?

Net neutrality currently prevents service providers from giving special treatment to some sites over others. When I say special treatments I’m referring to giving free flowing internet traffic, with faster upload speeds, to some sites and slow bogged-down internet traffic to others.

An end to net neutrality essentially allows for the web traffic fast lanes to be pimped off to the highest bidder. Following suite with every other endeavor in our capitalist society, the big cats with the biggest pockets will own the internet…

Why is this a big deal?

This will lead to service providers determining which sites and content are accessible to the general public. Those that are funded with the most money will inevitably get what they want.

What does an end to net neutrality mean for the internet?

Pop-up sites that spread hidden knowledge, cultural movements and protest, essentially any sites or content that doesn’t fit the message being pushed by mainstream or the “system” will be crushed if there’s an end to net neutrality. Think about it this way… A twitter feud with Trump could mean your site traffic is strangled and you’re business dies a slow death…

If you stop and think about it you realize that the repercussions of ending net neutrality are tremendous. This is essentially the last phase to having completely regulated internet.

The internet has given us a voice unlike anything else in the entirety of history. As there are no recognizable benefits to ending net neutrality, one must come to the conclusion that this is only being considered  as a means to maintain control of knowledge while making service providers richer in the process.

We’ve come to far to step back to the dark ages. We cannot let congress pass a bill to end net neutrality!

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