Metro Boomin and the evolving mindset in hip hop

Metro Boomin, and his band of collab albums, are promoting a new message to the Hip Hop community. Hard work, struggle, planning, and faith intertwined with life learned lessons and keeping it real are the cores to success.

Gone are the days of personal hate and beefs in rap, in comes the age of shared pursuits of living life to the fullest… According to Metro Boomin and his affiliates, everyone can achieve the impossible and attain success… Here’s TheOneWe understanding…

New Messages unfiltered by corporations

Long gone are mainstream corporate influences on who to love and hate in the music industry.

With this shift in sponsorship from corporations to the people, the most unique and otherwise inaccessible artist are emerging as major players in the battle for mainstream hip hop dominance. These online trailblazers are promoting new messages in their raps and bringing a new perspective to the hip hop game.

The crown is being relinquished to people that may have been teased for being different in high school and don’t conform to the dated rap image of being “hard”. Acting and looking hard was previously the status quo in the hip hop community, but now that is being replaced by rainbow haired, hater ignoring, gat flashing, laughing all the way to the bank go getters on the rap scene.

The overwhelming message in hip hop is becoming that of freedom for self expression rather than hate. Rappers are increasingly expanding lyrics on how to attain empowerment, enlightenment, and ultimately success in whatever you do by focusing on building rather than destroying.

Metro Boomin is leading this consciousness shift with featured albums that have topped the charts throughout 2017. Just to name a few of his collab albums worth checking out; ‘Without Warning’ featuring 21 Savage and Offset, ‘Perfect Timing’ with NAV, and ‘Double or Nothing’ with Big Sean are some of the best to listen to.

Metro Boomin and the golden age of hip hop

By no means is this the first time hip hop has been used as a platform for relaying knowledge to the masses. However, this is the first time hip hop has been uniquely related to shared real life struggles and human vulnerabilities. It’s highlighting comradery and lift up, unfiltered open knowledge transfer, and how to go about solving the struggles individually, and together, to be everything you can be!

This movement does not remove elements of rap geared to the fulfillment of the most basic barbaric animistic characteristics within us, but rather the space between talking about hoes, drugs, and guns is filled with esoteric truths.

Support for individuality without preconceived bias has finally tipped towards the positive end of the scale and now outweighs the tradition of hating and bullying. Beefs as portrayed by the Biggie/Tupac and 50Cent/JaRule conflicts are now goofy and juvenile…

We’re moving back to a golden age of individuality and freedom in music and culture that has not been seen since the prime Prince and Michael Jackson days. Wouldn’t we all be much better served spending time pursuing dreams rather than crabbing down comrades for being different?

Big Sean and Metro Boomin

In ‘Double or Nothing’ – ‘Big Bidness’, Big Sean shares his master key to success with planning and dedication. He speaks on how his accomplishments were first recorded in his journal prior to making it to reality. He praise God and Allah! The album is filled with lyrical codex for making plans and having faith in the unfoldment of them. At one point he even recalls the repossession of his property which led to even harder struggles and work ethic. Getting through those struggles with conviction and faith ultimately led to his current life.

Nav and Metro

In ‘Perfect Timing’, Nav speaks of a time when people and ladies laughed at him and his sounds but through complete conviction in his mind, he kept pursuing with only his own support and belief which led to his success. Now Nav can’t keep the ladies or the haters off of him…

Lil Uzi Vert, Rae Sremmurd, and Metro

Even other Metro affiliated artist such as Lil Uzi Vert and Rae Sremmurd recognize and speak on the new individuality wave and rock star mentality of hip hop.

Embrace the golden age of hip hop

People used to laugh at hip hop artist for being unique and different, but the recent shift begs the question “who’s laughing now?” Now is the time to embrace this positive mentality and see where this new wave takes us as a culture. New artist are openly sharing how life unfolds and it’s uniquely up to the individual to conquer it or wait in idle…

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