The Struggle Is Too Real

The Migos Joe Budden saga continues when the Migos mention Budden on their new song ‘Ice Tray’.

Earlier this year the host of ‘Everyday Struggle’ interviewed the Migos and hilarity ensued as the group was having technical difficulties during the interview, culminating in Joe Budden dropping his mic and walking away.

Their have been little jabs back and forth between the host of ‘Everyday Struggle’ and Migos since. The Migos call Joe a hater in their latest joint. There’s also been a picture from the video shoot making the rounds online, showing what appears to be a parody of the popular online show. The picture appears to show a replica of the set of Everyday Struggle complete with a fake Nedaska, Joe Budden and Dj Akademiks only the banner behind the actors that is supposed to say ‘Everyday Struggle’ has the words ‘Old Rappers Struggling’.

Akademiks posted on Twitter about the casting call even saying that he was down to play himself in the video, as he wanted to join in on the fun but it appears the Migos already had their own version of Akademiks to use in the music video.

The Migos have incorporated Joe Buddens’ name into the song referring to him as a hater with an ad lib diss calling him a pussy. It seems the ‘lil fuckitty fucks’ as Joe so eloquently refers to them as are starting to rebel, in other words their tired of Joe Budden being such a Joe Budden.


Here’s the sneak peak… Check it out!

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