Young Bull takes us on a Sopadelic trip with soul funk R&B Hip Hop

Young bull is on a mission to bring that old school feel good music back to the young hearts of the triangle. Their music takes us to that slight distant past of chilling, relaxing with friends, and vibing out to jams in a not yet stressful world.

Young Bull – Sopadelic

Young Bull’s “Sopadelic” is a funky soul ride through the trippy electrical jungles and contains the smoothest joints to ever come out of the 919.  In what I can only describe as soul funk R&B and hip hop with mixes of reggae upbeats, the young bull bring a unique sound that once you get vibing with, you’re hooked.

If you only have a few open slots on the apple music or spotify playlist, I’d def check out the following first (TheOneWe Spotify Playlist):

  • Quiet. “Why you always asking questions .. I don’t even feel like talking .. stressing”
  • Voicemail. “I’m running away … I’m free”
  • Can’t get you Outta my head. “I can’t get you out of my head … Girl you knock me off my feet”
  • Egyptian Joint (All I Need). “This is all I need … Let me explain it I thought I made it”
  • Miscommunication. “really confusing Miscommunication … Pacing loosing patience … when I text you and you don’t reply”

If you like alternative r&b soul and hip hop, and you don’t have Young Bull in steady rotation, it’s about time you reconsider… You obviously haven’t given them the chance they deserve! Check them out and let me know what you think.

Young Bull – Sopadelic – Apple Music

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