The crabs in your life can be detrimental to your health

As we move on from 2017 to 2018 I think its time for some self reflection. As I’ve gotten older and somewhat matured, I’ve come to realize that the crab in a barrel mentality among my peers is stronger than ever. Why? Why is it that when a person starts to get their priorities in check, others find this the prime opportunity to bring the next man down. I’ll never understand the mind of a hater.

Crabs are the number one cause of stress among young guys that are getting it. That moment when you finally start to get your shit together is the same moment when they start hating. See when you hang out with crabs and you’re in the same crab position that their in everything is gravy, but I guarantee you the moment things start going right for you is the same moment these crabs will find some kind of flaws.

So, in 2018, do your thing! Ignore the crabs. Ignore the haters. And most importantly, master the art of making haters work for you!

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