“I’m A No One That’s What They Told Me” Lil Peep

The impact of a young rapper that wasn’t scared to take a chance. Lil peep was just a kid from Long Island with high hopes of super stardom.  A real make it or break it mentality.

His music started to gain traction while living on skid row and he soon became a fixture in the sound cloud rap scene. With his mixture of rock rap he was definitely unique. His sound brought a unique combination of emo rock style vocals and chords with a hip hop flow and beat.

Peep definitely dealt with some issues but those issues made him grind harder, he was even touching on some topics that are rather taboo in the hip hop community such as depression and EXTREME drug abuse ie ‘witchblades’.

He was able to relate to people that dealt with similar issues but weren’t able to express themselves. It all goes to show that even if you are dealing with some personal issues you can still succeed with hard work.

Some of his later music dealt with the personal isolation he felt since he started gaining momentum in the rap scene.

One of his last tracks ‘Benz Truck’ touches on his new found fame and the fact that no matter what you do people tend to switch up on you when you finally start getting to the paper but as we all do you eventually realize those fuck faces were never your friends to begin with (cough cough) Lil Tracy.

Bo peep was just enjoying the LA life, unfortunately just like many others before him it consumed him and eventually led to his demise.

He had the potential to change the game with his rock/rap but sadly we lost him too soon.

May the Beamer Boy live on.

He passed away at just 21 but something tells me his legacy, style and influence will never die.

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