Fresco Davinci the work of art. King Fresco x Tommy Boi Davinci.

King Fresco and Tommy Boi Davinci deliver an instant North Carolina classic in their latest work of art self titled album called “Fresco Davinci”. This rap duo is re-igniting the  southern hip hop flame.

When I first heard this and it opened up with Skrlla my mind was blown. This is the next wave of hip hop flow. Tommy Boi Davinci brings that slow southern methodical deep flow mix while King Fresco brings a similar southern flow that’s punching on the beat…

This would be well served chopped and screwed, just what you need to wind down, get slow’d up, and get zoned.

King Fresco x Tommy Boi Davinci – Fresco Davinci

    • Skrlla. “Shoot up your hood like I’m george zimmerman”

  • Sex & Drugs. “Bad lil shawty she the life of the party and her favorite rapper cardi”
  • Necrophiliac. “She like dead guys she a necrophiliac”
  • Game Time. “Hopping out a foreign with a foreign I feel foreign … So important all my gear imported b*T&F you can’t afford it.”
  • Lil Nympho.  “Just like Dusty Rhodes dirty miss my Styrofoam”

King Fresco x Tommy Boi Davinci – Fresco Davinci – Apple Music

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