Will starts a Wildfire with explosions of Guitar Riffs and Vocals in Sora

Will Wildfire composes a beautiful explosion of guitar chords and vocal ranges that push to the limits of blissful chaos in the most perfectly constructed way. His latest album, titled “Sora”, is further defining his sound and pushing into new RnB territory!

Bringing an authentic and unique voice, Will Wildfire is pushing beyond typical R&B boundaries that were once shattered by previous “kings of pop” with Sora. Will Wildfire’s music reflects not only his eccentric personal style but also his unique musical origins that include electric guitars.

Representing Charlotte to the fullest, Will Wildfire is definitely bringing the most authentic R&B sounds out of North Carolina.

Note: To fully appreciate this album, catch all the details with a quality sound system!

Will Wildfire – Sora

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